Plasma Cutters

--   Insufficient or excessive air pressure to machine
--   Water contamination in air supply line and or torch lead
--   Worn or improperly installed consumables (tip, electrode, shield cup)
--   trigger wires or power cable in torch lead have been damaged
--   incorrect parts installed in torch

Consult your owners manual or MFG link for further service and
troubleshooting details. Or contact us.

The most common problem we see

Machine being used is too small for the metal thickness.
If you purchase the smallest (compressor included) machine be ready to ONLY cut sheet
metal. We recommend purchasing a 1/2 inch or 50 amp plasma cutter. We have found
that the price and amount of consumables you will go through with the small machines,
within a year you will have spent enough to purchase the bigger machine.
Miller ICE-25C at work
Snap-On (commonly uses
Hypertherm parts)
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Plasma Cutters are a quick and efficient way of cutting metal. When you purchase
the correct machine for the thickest metal you will cut- your work and clean up are
done in more than half the time. However if you purchase one too small for the job
at hand, you will spend twice the time you would with a torch. And you will lose the
cost effectiveness, due to damage to the consumables.
Catalog for misc parts and consumables.